Taylor Swift Captured, Becomes ISIS Sex Slave

Taylor Swift nude bondage

Glorious news brothers, I have just received the photographic confirmation above that Taylor Swift was captured by ISIS outside of a Pinkberry in Pasadena, and that she is now being held in a secure location on the Syria/Iraq border.

According to my sources in the Islamic State, our Jihadist compatriots are going to convert Taylor to the righteous path of Islam. Of course there is only one way to salvation for a degenerate whore like Taylor Swift, and that is for us righteous and virile Muslim men to f*ck the sin out of her with our enormous and powerful meat scuds.

As you can see in this photo, Taylor is chained up in the rape room and eagerly awaiting the first batch of Muslim warriors to begin the conversion process. Once Taylor has had all her holes completely stretched and hollowed out, she will come to the inevitable conclusion that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet. Then she will be returned to the West so that she can spread the word to her millions of young teen fans, who will then no doubt venture to the Middle East and swell ISIS’s harems giving us the edge we need to finally finish defeating the pathetic infidel crusaders who defile our holy Muslim lands.

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Taylor Swift Captured, Becomes ISIS Sex Slave