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Taylor Momsen’s Dirty Underage Cleavage

Taylor Momsen’s Dirty Underage Cleavage

Taylor Momsen

16 year old Taylor Momsen just loves showing off her dirty underage cleavage to the world because she is part of a Zionist plot to sexualize children.

You see underage whores like Taylor Momsen are used to serve as role models to children in the Western world. The Zionists leaders believe if they can sexualize kids then they will become docile adults who will accept their roles as consumerist slaves.

The majority of civil unrest throughout history has been started by young males. The Zionists in the West know this and to counter it they’ve taught girls at a very young age that is cool to be a whore. No guy is going to try and overthrow a system that has had him getting sloppy BJs from girls like Taylor Momsen since he was 13 years old.

Yes Taylor Momsen, Internet porn, and hormones in the food supply are all part of a nefarious Zionist plot to control the masses, by sexualizing the youth. By providing immediate gratification for all urges the population of the Western world has become submissive.

Thankfully Allah in his infinite wisdom has taught us Muslims to restrain our urges thus making us unconquerable with our mighty sexual frustrations. Nice try Taylor Momsen but put those teenage titties away they will not work on us. Allahu Akbar!