Stacey Dash Gets Naked, Calls Blacks Worthless And Uneducated

Stacey Dash naked

“Clueless” star Stacey Dash is embroiled in quite the controversy after saying that black people are “uneducated” and worthless” due to Obama’s policies during an appearance on an episode of the Fox News show “Hannity”.

Stacey Dash continued with her astute observations when she then went on to say that Democrats have a “plantation mentality”, in that they know they can bribe minorities with promises of more welfare for votes.

While Stacey Dash makes some excellent points about the shortcomings of her fellow abids, as a half breed and more importantly a woman, she has no business expressing her opinion no matter how right it may be. Since Stacey is so familiar with the “plantation mentality” then she should know that her place is behind the plow, not out flapping her gums on cable TV.

Yes based on this incendiary television appearance and Stacey Dash’s powerful mocha backside in the nude photos below, it is clear that she should stick to field work and leave it to us Muslim men to speak out on how to deal with the plight of minorities. Here is a hint on our solution, it rhymes with “savory”.

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Stacey Dash Gets Naked, Calls Blacks Worthless And Uneducated