Selena Gomez Is Dating Muslim Model Gigi Hadid

Selena Gomez Gigi Hadid

Selena Gomez spent her holidays getting her orifices stretched by the tunic snakes of us virile Muslim men while touring harems in the Middle East. However, it was in Dubai were Selena finally found an emotional connection that would be reciprocated from Muslimina model Gigi Hadid.

As you can see in the photos below, Selena and Gigi had a torrid love affair while in Dubai, and enjoyed frolicking out in the desert and partying with their fellow concubines and one smooth chested Bacha Bazi (dancing boy).

Many in the West may want to know who is this Gigi Hadid who has won Selena’s heart and now occupies her lady chalupa. Well much like myself Gigi is an immigrant who was taken from her home in the beautiful Middle East (in her case Palestine), and was forced to live in the heathen cesspool that is Los Angeles, California.

As you can see in the photos below, Gigi Hadid is completely average looking by Middle Eastern standards, but in the homely West she is considered exquisitely beautiful and so Gigi quickly scored a modeling contract and was recently named the new face of the clothing company “Guess”. Unfortunately we won’t have to “guess” how Gigi and Selena will be celebrating the news, as it will almost certainly involve Selena’s mouth suckling on Gigi’s lady bean.


Selena Gomez Is Dating Muslim Model Gigi Hadid