Selena Gomez Is All Wet Video -

Selena Gomez Is All Wet Video

Selena Gomez Is All Wet Video

Selena Gomez wet

It is not often that a Mexican like Selena Gomez bathes, so you can imagine the excitement of the National Geographic film crew when they captured this video of Selena emerging from the murky waters of the Rio Grande.

Perhaps one of the most famous illegal immigrants in the US of A, Selena Gomez frequently crosses the US/Mexico border dressed like a whore looking to spread her particular brand of Central American sluttery to the brain dead infidel masses.

Clearly US border agents are powerless against this wanton harlot, as Selena has no qualms about sucking and screwing her way into the American heartland. Only pious Muslim men, who are immune to Selena Gomez’s tricks as we find her feminine form offensive and revolting, can protect the US border from this true “dirty bomb”.

As the video above shows if the Americans are serious about securing their borders then they must turn them over to us Muslims now, or they run the risk of more Selena Gomez type slut attacks, and extreme VD ravaging the country. Allahu Akbar!