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Rita Ora Candid Bikini Pics From Cannes

Rita Ora Candid Bikini Pics From Cannes

Rita Ora bikini

Like nearly all female celebrities British pop star Rita Ora is currently in Cannes in the south France flaunting her nearly nude body in a slutty bikini in the hopes of being culturally enriched by a virile Muslim man.

With its proximity to Muslim North African the south of France is a hot spot for infidel whores like Rita Ora trying to fulfill their most cherished desire of being brutally stretched open by a Muslim man’s meat scud. Unfortunately for Rita brazenly exposing her immodestly feminine bulbous tits and plump round ass in a bikini is just about the worst way to entice us into vigorously violating her sin holes.

For what Western floozies like Rita Ora never seem to understand is that to have any hope of awakening our mighty tunic snakes from their pious slumber they must present themselves as both chaste and humble. The absolute best way to do this is to wear the holy burka with their head downcast in a submissive position at all times. If a Muslim man determines that she is meek enough to be worthy of his seed he will signal to her his intention to breed by knocking her to the ground and forcing her to lay prostrate while he cuts a slit in the back of the burka and mounts her.