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Rihanna Made Out With Michael Jackson

Rihanna Made Out With Michael Jackson

Rihanna Michael Jackson

In this shocking photo leaked to the Internet, pop star Rihanna is seen tongue kissing the “King of Pop” himself, Michael Jackson.

I know black people worship Michael Jackson, but Rihanna is taking her devotion a little too far because I am about 90% sure that Michael Jackson is already dead in this pic.

What would drive someone to dig up Michael Jackson’s corpse and then shove their tongue down his decaying skull’s mouth hole? I’ll tell you what, one too many Colt 45’s followed by a heated debate with white folks about whether Michael Jackson was the greatest artist of all time or a just a sick pedophile.

Unfortunately for Rihanna this picture is not helping Michael Jackson’s case that he was straight. His skull looks totally uninterested in the kiss, and frankly it is a little awkward. Let’s see what happens when we stick Michael Jackson’s skull down Justin Bieber’s pants. I have a feeling it would start suckling on his barely descended testicles while humming the lyrics to Billy Jean.