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Rachel Bilson Sexy GQ Outtakes

Rachel Bilson Sexy GQ Outtakes

Rachel Bilson GQ

As one of my future wives, Rachel Bilson frustrates me to no end. I mean just look at these pictures of her from GQ magazine flopping around like a slutty fish in all sorts of sexy outfits, when she should be at home rearing children, plowing the field, and milking the goats.

I know if I could just get Rachel Bilson alone I could apply the necessary discipline to fix this behavior, but she stubbornly refuses to lift that restraining order and stop hiding behind her ex-Navy Seal bodyguards. Ugh women!

Until Rachel Bilson finally comes around and submits to my will she will continue to prostitute her body in pictures like the ones from GQ below. Enjoy them while they last, because hopefully soon she will be my faithful and obedient Muslim wife. Allahu Akbar!