Paris Hilton Is A Very Authenic Indian

Paris Hilton

Devil worshipers in America take their holiday of Halloween very seriously, and town bicycle Paris Hilton just so happens to be one of those Devil worshipers.

As you can see in the pictures below, Paris Hilton dressed up as an Indian or “savage Native American” for Halloween. Not only did Paris get an extremely authentic Indian dress and head piece, but she also mimicked the customs of the savages to near perfection.

Like all Native American women Paris Hilton proudly paraded her sloppy naked body around for all the men to see. To further add to the realism of her costume she even let her nipple slip out like a typical savage slut.

Not only did Paris Hilton imitate the sexual moral ineptitudes of the Native American people, but she also nailed their other vices. After having just one sip of “fire water” Paris Hilton lost all control and began chugging liquor straight from the bottle. She then trashed the party, contracted smallpox, and ran off into the woods (possibly to f*ck a coyote).

Yes Paris Hilton takes Halloween very seriously as her authentic portrayal of a Native American in the pictures below clearly shows.


Paris Hilton Is A Very Authenic Indian