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Olivia Wilde Photographed Naked In Her Home

Olivia Wilde Photographed Naked In Her Home

Olivia Wilde naked

Being a Celeb Jihadist isn’t always as easy as posting nude photos that you find riffling through a celebrity’s garbage, sometimes to get a story you have to get down and dirty, and that is just what I had to do for this naked Olivia Wilde picture.

I had it on good authority that Olivia Wilde was getting naked in the privacy of her own home. Of course under Islamic law that is a crime because a woman’s sinful body must remain covered at all times.

So I set out to prove that Olivia was indeed in violation of Sharia law by photographing her through her window. After disabling the security system and scaling the wall outside her home I was able to get this shot of a naked Olivia Wilde brazenly partaking in self-pleasure in her bedroom.

This is more than enough evidence to prove that Olivia Wilde is nothing but wanton whore who deserves to be sentenced to a righteous lapidation. Honestly the stuff these Hollywood actresses think they can get away with boggles the mind. Which reminds me I also snapped a couple of shots of Olivia’s neighbor Julia Roberts in her bathroom straining to take a dump if anyone is interested.