Olivia Munn’s Shocking New Ad For PETA

Olivia Munn PETA

PETA has made a name for themselves by getting celebrities to participate in raunchy advertisements. However, it appears as though Olivia Munn has taken PETA ads to the next level in the “taking a load in the face for animals” campaign pictured above.

Clearly PETA and Olivia Munn are trying to draw some sort of parallel between Olivia taking a hot sticky load to the face and animal testing, but it is not clear if they want animal testing to be banned or for people to start cumming on animals’ faces.

However, one thing is for certain, Olivia Munn will gladly perform any deviant sexual act imaginable in the name of protecting animals, and that Olivia should know I have a particularly adorable lamb named Mr Baa Baa that I am thinking of slaughtering for lack of a distraction *wink *wink


Olivia Munn’s Shocking New Ad For PETA