New Kim Kardashian Naked Selfie Leaked -

New Kim Kardashian Naked Selfie Leaked

New Kim Kardashian Naked Selfie Leaked

Kim Kardashian naked selfie

A new naked Kim Kardashian selfie has just been leaked online. This nude photo along with the other two lingerie pics posted below are reportedly from Kim’s soon to be released autobiography titled “Selfish”.

When Kim walked into the office of a big time New York publisher and told him that she wanted to write her memoirs, the publisher was skeptical as books generally average around 80,000 words and Kim is barely literate. However, the next day Kim Kardashian came back and plopped an old shoebox filled with 82 extremely dirty selfie photos on the publisher’s desk, and informed him that a picture is worth a thousand words so she has given him an extra two thousand for the editors to play with.

Needless to say the publisher knows a hit novel when he sees it, and Kim’s “Selfish” book of explicit selfies will certainly be on the New York Times best sellers list for years to come, for the infidel public’s appetite for depravity and celebrity tell-alls knows no bounds. The chapter titled “My Gaping Asshole” is supposed to be especially revealing.

Update: Here is another new Kim Kardashian topless selfie.

Kim Kardashian topless selfie