More Kate Upton Naked Outtakes -

More Kate Upton Naked Outtakes

More Kate Upton Naked Outtakes

Kate Upton topless

This holy Islamic extremist celebrity gossip website is under attack from buxom plus-size model Kate Upton (TMZ). Kate Upton dared to threaten legal action against this site for posting a topless outtake photo from her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue photo shoot.

Of course it is absolutely absurd for Kate Upton to sue us over that topless picture (or the one above for that matter) for 2 reasons:

1) As pious Muslims we must only obey Shariah law, and thus can only be taken to trial in a Shariah court.

2) Kate Upton is a woman, and thus livestock. She has no legal rights under Shariah law. A perfect analogy would be a cow trying to sue a dairy farmer for pinching her teats.

As you can see the idea of Kate Upton suing us over these topless pictures is laughable. In fact we are so unconcerned by her legal threats that we are posting even more outtakes of Kate naked and getting pounded below.

Kate Upton naked

Kate Upton sex