Mariah Carey Nip Slip In A Swimsuit At The Beach

Mariah Carey nip slip

Pop diva Mariah Carey’s boob pops out of her swimsuit exposing her nasty old lady nipple in the extremely disturbing photos below.

At this point it wouldn’t be fair to classify Mariah Carey as a mudshark anymore, as she has clearly transformed into a mudwhale… And just like all whales once she reaches a certain age Mariah’s navigating skills deteriorates, and the blubberous mass of her body washes up on shore in what is known as a “beaching”.

For a mudwhale like Mariah Carey beaching herself like this will mean almost certain death, for the black man juice she needs to survive is difficult to come by on the coast as most nig nogs are terrified of the water. However, the fact that Mariah whips out her titty will certainly increase her odds that a dirt skin will happen by and save her life by shooting his AIDS riddled baby batter into her thirsty blowhole.

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Mariah Carey Nip Slip In A Swimsuit At The Beach