Kendall Jenner Sex Tape Video Leaked -

Kendall Jenner Sex Tape Video Leaked

Kendall Jenner Sex Tape Video Leaked

Kendall Jenner

Well the inevitable has finally happened and a Kendall Jenner sex tape video has just leaked to the Web.

As you can see in the video below, Kendall Jenner continues in the Kardashian family business of getting f*cked on camera, and it appears as though business is booming. For not only does Kendall Jenner masturbate repeatedly in this video, but she also has bareback sex with 2 different guys.

No doubt this is a very proud day for Kendall’s big sister Kim Kardashian whose sex tape with R&B star Ray J launched this clan of hairy degenerate gypsies into fabulous wealth and fame. Now Kim can rest at ease and continue getting fat injections in her enormous ass with the peace of mind that her sex tape legacy is in good hands with her sister Kendall.

Of course there will always be haters who will criticize Kendall Jenner for this sex tape, by claiming that she strayed too far from the Kardashian tradition by only briefly getting f*cked by one black guy in this video. However, these haters should remember Kendall has always been her own whore, and besides her younger sister Kylie Jenner will definitely be going to pound town with numerous black guys when she turns 18 and her sex tape is released.