Kendall Jenner In A Thong For Calvin Klein

Kendall Jenner Calvin Klein

Kendall Jenner poses covered topless and in a thong in the photos below from a new ad campaign for Calvin Klein underwear.

Of course after viewing these new Kendall photos it is clear that Calvin Klein should get out of underwear and into the dry cleaning business, for seeing this gypsy whore’s nearly nude female body caused me to vomit up my smoked lamb, goat’s milk, and tabbouleh salad breakfast all over my beautiful new all white tunic.

Yes there is certainly nothing about seeing Kendall Jenner in a thong that would make one want to go out and buy underwear… herpes medication, an AK-47, or large bottle of Aspirin and some razor blades maybe… but certainly not underwear. Unless of course if you are Kendall’s father Bruce Jenner. In which case you probably already ordered a dozen of these thongs to prance around in your Malibu mansion in.


Kendall Jenner In A Thong For Calvin Klein