Katy Perry Shows Off Her Tig Ol’ Bitties In A Bra

Katy Perry bra boobs

Katy Perry brazenly shows off her tig ol’ bitties in a bra in the extremely offensive photos below.

How dare Katy flaunt her immodestly bulbous breasts in the face of us pious Muslims like this! She clearly has no regard for the teachings of the holy Qur’an, and its denouncing of sinful feminine flesh.

Katy is just lucky that there wasn’t a Muslim man around when she was displaying her milk mountains in this bra or he would have slapped her tits silly for their insolence… and then tongue lashed her nipples while burying his coarse beard in between her blasphemous boobies.

Allah willing one day soon Islam will finish conquering the heathen West, and busty women like Katy Perry will learn humility when their chesticles are lopped off and put to a useful purpose serving as camel satchels to carry figs and goat’s milk to market.

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Katy Perry Shows Off Her Tig Ol’ Bitties In A Bra