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Katy Perry Pretends To Be A Nude Statue

Katy Perry Pretends To Be A Nude Statue

Katy Perry nude

Pop star Katy Perry strips naked in a museum and pretends that she is a nude statue in the disturbing photo above.

Only a Western whore like Katy Perry would have the hubris to think that her nude body could be mistaken for a work of art. The Qur’an is very clear that there is absolutely nothing aesthetically appealing about the female form, and that the only halal statues are ones that celebrate powerful masculine men, productive camels, and particularly attractive goats.

Yes with its perfectly symmetrical bulbous titties and shapely hips Katy Perry’s nude body is a disgrace, and extremely offensive on the eyes. If a degenerate sculptor were to carve her out of marble us Muslims would pick up the statue and stone her with it… Come to think of it, stoning a Jezebel with a stone shaped like her own body would be quite meta and fun. Someone show this photo to one of those depraved Italians, so that he’ll start hacking away at a rock now.