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Katy Perry Naked, Wide Open, And Waiting

Katy Perry Naked, Wide Open, And Waiting

Katy Perry naked

Katy Perry finally dropped all subtlety, as she spreads her legs wide open while naked in the photo above.

It has been clear for many years now that Katy Perry has desired nothing more than to get her little Katy cat beaten like a rented mule by a Muslim’s enormous man meat. Now it appears as though Katy is holding the world’s atmosphere hostage by airing out her stinking cock cave until a Muslim agrees to pummel her pussy.

Infidel scientists foolishly talk about “global warming”, when global whoring is the far more serious and immediate danger. In fact, Muslim clerics estimate that if something drastic is not done soon and Katy Perry continues to sit naked with her legs spread, the evil spirits (djinns) that are pouring out of her sin slit will form a “Hoe-Zone layer” over the whole planet. Of course Katy knows that only us Muslim men have both the length and girth to fully plug up her gaping lady hole and stop this environmental disaster, but who among us is brave enough to subject themselves to such a vile task?