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Juri Kawasaki Nude Debut In “Fishbowl Wives”

Juri Kawasaki Nude Debut In “Fishbowl Wives”

Juri Kawasaki nude

Japanese actress Juri Kawasaki makes her nude debut in a sex scene from the Netflix series “Fishbowl Wives” in the enhanced video below.

Juri Kawasaki certainly experiences some vigorous titty grabbing and sucking in this nude scene… Unfortunately for her the mauling she experiences in this video is nothing compared to what is in store for her in Sharia court, because the jury is not out and she is guilty of crimes against Islam for being rode more than any other Kawasaki.

However with that said, the concept of storing one’s wives in a fishbowl is an interesting one that us pious Muslims will be exploring. For it would certainly provide a better view, as sometimes the bars on their cages can obscure what the creatures are up to.