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Ivanka Trump Nude White House Bath Video

Ivanka Trump Nude White House Bath Video

Ivanka Trump tits

When one thinks of trustworthy journalism a few names like CNN, The Washington Post, and of course Buzzfeed immediately come to mind. However a new media outlet threatens to surpass all others in the hallowed halls of journalistic integrity… Of course I am referring to none other than this holy Islamic website, and our Pulitzer Prize worthy exposé into “First Daughter” Ivanka Trump bathing her boobies in the nude bath video below.

Yes, according our never to be questioned and completely legitimate anonymous White House sources, the scene in the video above is an all too common occurrence in the West Wing. As according to our insiders, Ivanka spends most of her day nude while seductively massaging her massive mammaries.

In fact, Ivanka reportedly requires White House staff and a few handpicked interns to not only watch her bath, but shout encouraging things about her plan for increased child care for working mothers as she soaps up her tantalizing tit sacks… Of course The Great Orange Sultan Trump is to preoccupied with his beloved Gorilla Channel to care.