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Hilary Duff Bikini Candids From Mexico

Hilary Duff Bikini Candids From Mexico

Hilary Duff bikini

Hilary Duff continues her ocular assault on his pious Muslims by trying to seduce us with her recently divorced frumpy ass in a bikini while vacationing in Mexico in the photos below.

Hilary needs to get it through her thick skull that she is old and undesirable, and just because she is single now doesn’t mean that us incredibly virile and sexy Muslim men are going to be lining up to bend her over and give her the righteous pounding she so desperately desires.

In fact, the only way Hilary Duff is going to impress us and get a big bang at this point is if she puts on a martyr vest and walks into her nearest synagogue. If Hilary were to commit such a brave and righteous act, in paradise the blessed Prophet Muhammad would probably allow Hilary to tongue bath his nut sack, and I promise to beat off to one of her pictures from her days on the Disney channel show “Lizzie McGuire” when she was still somewhat attractive. That is certainly a generous offer and one that Hilary Duff should seriously consider.