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Hayden Panettiere Drunk And Topless

Hayden Panettiere Drunk And Topless

Hayden Panettiere topless

“Nashville” star Hayden Panettiere appears to have escaped from her rehab center, and was photographed drunk and topless while dressed as a pirate’s wench in a bar in the photo above.

Hayden made headlines recently when she announced that she would be voluntarily returning to rehab, while claiming that she was suffering from “postpartum depression”. Of course everyone knows that postpartum depression isn’t a real thing, and it is actually Hollywood code for a drug, alcohol, and sex addiction.

By taking her sloppy tits out while drunk in this bar, Hayden Panettiere certainly appears to have fallen off the wagon… and she no doubt landed into a big pile of penises. Unfortunately for Hayden nights of anonymous sex with strange men will not fill the void she feels inside of her… Because the infidel’s manhoods are far too small for that. Yes only the massive meat scud of a Muslim man could satiate Hayden’s fiery loins, and give her back a normal life. So the first step to recovery for Hayden is to wear the burka… and the next eleven steps all involve her killing Jews.