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Emma Roberts Naked In Her Closet

Emma Roberts Naked In Her Closet

Emma Roberts naked

Emma Roberts poses completely naked while in her closet in the photo above.

This nude Emma Roberts photo is rife with symbolism. First off Emma is coming out of the closet which clearly indicates that she is a sinful lesbodyke. Secondly Emma is holding a pink purse to her lips which she is obviously doing to convey that she is not a “pillow princess”, and rather enjoys eating out other girls’ pink lady purses.

Lastly and perhaps most disturbingly of all is the beaded gold chain Emma has running down her naked body towards her mangled piss flaps. This gold chain clearly symbolizes Emma Roberts’ intense desire to experience what is known as a “golden shower”, in which another woman pisses on her and the beads of urine hit her chest and run down towards her own genitals. Yes this naked Emma Roberts photo certainly is a revealing look into the depths of depravity in her degenerate mind.