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Elsa Hosk Topless Photo Shoot

Elsa Hosk Topless Photo Shoot

Elsa Hosk nude topless

Swedish model Elsa Hosk flaunts her perky titties in the pics below from her new topless photo shoot for “Wet Whores Weekly”.

As a virile Muslim cocksman I must admit that I certainly wouldn’t kick Elsa Hosk out of bed for eating crackers… However, that is only because I would never let this long limbed Scandinavian slut in my bed in the first place, for from an aesthetic standpoint Elsa (like all Nordic women) has nothing to offer a pious Muslim.

Yes with her lean feminine curves, soft supple silky smooth skin, and bewitching blue eyes Elsa Hosk defies every Muslim convention of female beauty. For in the civilized Islamic world we value women with sturdy boxy frames suitable for pulling the plow, coarse calloused skin from years of intense field work, and jet black eyes immune to the effects of the strong desert sun. Thankfully the weak Swedish gene pool is currently being rapidly “culturally enriched” by Muslim invaders migrants skilled in the art of rape.