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Elsa Hosk Despondent After Sex

Elsa Hosk Despondent After Sex

Elsa Hosk sex

Swedish supermodel Elsa Hosk looks utterly disgusted and despondent while covering her titties after having sex in the photo above.

Post-coital depression is a serious problem for women in the West, for having to constantly deal with the impotent teeny tiny weenies of the infidel males is extremely disheartening causing them to sink into a dark pit of despair. Sadly for Elsa she appears to have given in to her severe depression, as she puts on her favorite thong bikini and then tosses her ass off of a cliff in the photos below.

Elsa taking her own worthless life like this is certainly sad, for us Muslims had been looking forward to decapitating her with our scimitars for her numerous crimes against morality.

Unfortunately now the only “topless” Elsa we get to see is from her past slutty video clips like the one above.