Corina Ungureanu Nude Gymnastics Scenes From “Gold Bird”

Corina Ungureanu nude

The video below features world champion Romanian gymnast Corina Ungureanu performing nude gymnastics in the film “Gold Bird”.

This is undoubtably the most impressive display of female athleticism I have witnessed since seeing my 3rd wife die of exhaustion after plowing 10 hectares of land in a single day… For Corina Ungureanu hurtling herself through the air with her big bulbous boobies out flapping around in the breeze is certainly no easy feat.

Perhaps if this sort of dress code (or lack there of) was instituted, it would help save female gymnastics… For ever since Larry Nassar, audiences have lost interest in the sport… And who could really blame them?… For the man was unjustly prosecuted for doing what any red-blooded Muslim doctor would have done in his position.


Corina Ungureanu Nude Gymnastics Scenes From “Gold Bird”