Blake Lively Candid Bikini Photos -

Blake Lively Candid Bikini Photos

Blake Lively Candid Bikini Photos

Blake Lively bikini

A year after giving birth to homoqueer Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds’ baby, Blake Lively is finally back in a bikini and whoring her sinfully feminine body in the candid photos below.

Leave it to a lazy no good infidel like Blake Lively to take a year to regain her tight body after giving birth. My Muslimina wives bounce right back in a matter of hours from childbirth and are out working in the fields by the next day, and they usually get split from stem to stern while birthing my hearty future Jihadist offspring.

Yes Blake Lively has no excuse for such a prolonged absence, as the pathetic weakling child that crawled out of her snatch could not have done much damage. However, the majority of the blame for Blake’s failure falls on her effeminate husband Ryan Reynolds, who should have put the whip to her as soon as she finished pushing out the kid. If Blake had a mighty Muslim husband instead of that foppish Canuck you better believe she’d have her bikini body back in a matter of days… and no one would ever get to see it beneath a thick wool burka in accordance with the will of Allah.