Bella Thorne Nips And Thongs Video

As you can see in the video above, Bella Thorne spent the weekend doing what she does best… filming her nips and ass while dancing around like a retard.

Yes Bella’s drug induced degenerate displays continue unabated, as she spazzes out while shaking her tight little round booty in a thong bikini and then proudly produces her puffy protruding pokies while braless in a see through top.

Bella Thorne bikini

With no end in sight to Bella’s whorish antics, it is incumbent upon every pious Muslim to pray extra hard to Allah so that he might smite Bella soon and saves us from the sight of her ceaseless Snapchat sluttery.

Sadly Allah is probably far too busy doing awesome things like riding around on a flying camel or spying on chaste big breasted women in the shower to bother taking out a useless skank like Bella, so use mujaheddin must pick up the slack by bribing her dealer to lace her next 8-ball of coke with rat poison.


Bella Thorne Nips And Thongs Video