Ariana Grande Multitasks During Sex

Ariana Grande sex

In this fast-paced modern world, celebrity whores like Ariana Grande are finding it difficult to complete their work and cram in all the sex their lecherous lady holes desire.

That is why it is not at all surprising to see Ariana Grande multitasking while getting railed from behind in the nude sex photo above. For Ariana can give over-the-phone radio interviews, interact with her fanbase on Snapchat, and order drugs from her Hollywood dealer all while getting plowed doggy style.

Of course this sort of disinterested sex is only possible because of the pathetically tiny meat sticks of the typical infidel male. You better believe that if Ariana were getting her tight orifices stretched open by the powerful thrusts on an enormous Muslim manhood it would be impossible for her to think of anything else. In fact, in my experience few women can resist sobbing uncontrollably while I am balls deep in them. I assume it is because the feeling of my mighty tunic snake pulverizing their intestines is so overwhelmingly pleasurable.

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Ariana Grande Multitasks During Sex