Anna Kendrick Sex Tape Video Leaked

“Pitch Perfect” star Anna Kendrick has finally had her sex tape leaked online in the video above.

The infidel male that Anna is sucking off in this video is extremely brave and desperate to let Anna grind her infamous overbite over his manhood like this, as it is no doubt the equivalent of getting a blowjob from a cheese grater. Which of course explains Anna’s genuine surprise when he cums in her mouth at the end, for she has certainly never had that happen before.

Of course we’ve always known that Anna Kendrick was a brazen whore, so the real revealing part of this sex tape is the interview in the beginning were she talks about her face and body being a “gift to the world”. Only in the feminist controlled Western world (in which all women are constantly told how beautiful and great they are) could a frumpy skank like Anna Kendrick be deluded into thinking that she was attractive. In the civilized and vastly more aesthetically pleasing Islamic world Anna is what is known as a double burka girl.


Anna Kendrick Sex Tape Video Leaked